New student registrations and current student verifications can now be completed online. On this page, you’ll find information on how to proceed. Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Parent Guide are also available to help you through the process. For additional school enrollment forms, please click Here. If you do not know which school your student will attend, please use the School Locator to search which school is in your home address.
For Spanish language assistance, please call (541) 494-6435.
Para asistencia en español, por favor llame al (541) 494-6435.


Any documentation regarding legal custodial arrangements or medically fragile students needs to be submitted in person at your student’s school’s main office. You can download Medication Forms and Opt-Out Forms HERE


Find the scenario below that applies to your family.  Click on the scenario number to review the steps needed to finalize your student’s registration.

Current D6 Students*
Enrollment Verification: You must have an active ParentVUE account. Contact your student’s school if you need to activate the account. Click the Forgot Password if you need to change your Password. ParentVUE
New D6 Students**
Visit your student’s school to start the intake process and to create your ParentVUE account. Once your account is activated, you can use the Online Registration. School
Former D6 Students
Visit your student’s school to start the intake process and reactivate your ParentVUE account and your students account. Once your accounts are activated, you can use the Online Registration. School
*Parents/guardians of current D6 students: You need to verify the accuracy of the information already in our student information system, as well as include anything new we require or you need to report. **Parents/guardians of new D6 students: All required information needs to be entered.
If you’re a current D6 parent/guardian and you’ve been asked to verify your student’s information, please follow these steps:
  • Step 2 – If you already have an activated ParentVue account, you can register your student HERE

    • If you have not created your ParentVUE account yet, contact your student’s school to obtain your activation key code and instruction for activating ParentVUE.
  • Step 3 – Verify your student’s information
    • A student’s information need only be verified by one custodial parent/guardian, but is not limited to one. Parents/guardians with education/custodial rights can verify and change student enrollment information from online registration
  • Step 4 – Check the Status
    • After submitting your online registration, it will be reviewed by staff at your enrolling school. You will receive an email with the status of admission along with next steps. There may be instances when the school will need additional information to accept your application and you will be notified accordingly.
  • Step 5 – Plan Your School Visit
    • Once you receive your online registration approval, attend registration in August to complete the process so you can finish the following and make your student’s transition a smooth one:
      • Pick up class assignments/schedules and make any changes (high school schedule changes cannot be made the first day of school)
      • Get pictures taken for ID cards/picture packets
      • Pay for parking (if applicable)
      • Pick up/drop off any other school-specific forms that need to be completed
  • Step 1 – If you can answer yes to the following questions, you can register your students Online.
    • Your student has never attended a D6 school.
    • You have an email address. (You may obtain a free email account through services such as Google, Yahoo or Outlook.)
    • You are a custodial parent or legal guardian who holds supporting legal documents for the enrolling student.
    • You have an Active ParentVUE Account. If not, your will need to contact the school before enrolling your student.
  • Step 2 – Gather & Scan Documents
    • Gather and scan these items to upload during the registration process. If scanning documents presents a challenge, a cell phone photo can be uploaded. If you are unable to upload the files during Online Registration, there is an option you can select for bringing your documents to the school.
      • Parent/Guardian Information – Home address verification (e.g. deed/rental agreement, utility bill, Oregon driver’s license)
      • Student Information – Verification of birth (e.g. birth certificate, passport)
      • Student Information – Immunization records (Oregon Immunization Form)
  • Step 3 – Visit the School to start the Intake Process
At this time, Online Registration is not available for this scenario. Please register in person in August.  For information on school specific registration dates and times, check the D6 website or contact the school directly.