Is my credit card information stored when I use the Online Payment System?

No, the Online Payment System and the Central Point School District do not store your card data under any circumstance. The system uses Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant processes and security protocols to ensure your data is protected while being processed. All payments are secure and protected.

What card types are currently accepted online?

Currently, the district accepts most major credit cards EXCEPT American Express.

Is there a charge to pay online?

The Central Point School District is not charging any convenience fees for payments on student’s accounts or donations.

I have a fine on my student's account. Why would my student have a fine?

There are several reasons why your student may have a fine. The Online Payment System is integrated to each school and across the district. The most common reasons a fine is assessed are:

  • A student lost or damaged a library book or textbook
  • A class fee has not been paid
  • A payment was returned as NSF (not sufficient funds)

If there is a fine on your account, certain items may be restricted for purchase until the fees/fines are paid.

I have not been successful in logging in to the Online Payment System. What should I do?

If you are having issues signing on, it is most likely because you have not created a ParentVue account. The Online Payment System uses the parent name (firstname.lastname) as entered into ParentVue for access to the system and a unique password is created the first time you log in. Please contact your school for a Key Activation code to create a ParentVue account. It may take up to 24 hours after creating your ParentVue account before being able to log into Online Payment System.

There is an item my student wants to purchase, but I don't see it available in the Online Payment System. What should I do?

The Online Payment System offers many items to parents and students. There are certain items that may be restricted due to fees and fines. Some items are available only to specific grade levels. If the item is online but unavailable for purchase, refer to the status descriptions on page 4 and 5 for the reason. If the item does not appear online, please contact your school for more information.

Some items may only be available during certain times of the year.  Be sure to check in often!